The Best Drumming Headphones, period.

Our drumming headphones were created by studio drummer John Gresko to meet the extreme sound needs of drummers. Designed with up to 29db of sound isolation, these headphones keep unwanted sound out while delivering you a studio-flat sound you can trust. With our no-bleed construction, you don't have to worry about click tracks or other noise coming through on your studio recordings, and on the stage you can finally focus on your drumming and ignore that annoying half-stack blaring beside your drum kit. These simply are the best drumming headphones. Give them a try. If you don't love them, return them within 60 days for a full refund!

Black EX-29 Drumming Headphones

These are the mainstay for hundreds of drummers around the world. When you need a pair of professional headphones, these are the ones for you. Amazing clarity, no bleed, passive sound isolation, and studio flat speakers LEARN MORE >>

Retail: 189.95
SALE PRICE: $129.95

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EX-29 Headphones (Limited Edition)

Because you’re a drummer and you want to look good while wailing on your kit. The Limited Edition White EX-29 headphones provide all the power, clarity, and precision of their regular EX-29, but with a little extra style and finesse. LERARN MORE

Retail: 199.95
SALE PRICE: $139.95

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EX-25 Low Cost Drumming Headphones

Want to get a great pair of headphones under $100? These are the ones for you. With slightly less passive noise reduction than the EX-29’s, these headphones are smaller, lighter, and will save you some cash! But don’t think you’ll be skimping on quality. You’re gonna love these headphones. LEARN MORE

Retail: 139.95
SALE PRICE: $99.95

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